Amaru Cloud and Tyler River team up to blend Hip-Hop and Bachata with new track titled “La Costa”

Outside of Hip Hop and R&B, my favorite genre of music is Bachata. Actually, I rather go out and dance to Bachata than any other genre of music, including Hip Hop and R&B. There’s just something about the guitars. From the bass, to the lead, and secondary guitar. And then, there’s the dance which holds the same name. There’s nothing like it! Why do I bring these things up? This new song titled “La Costa” by Amaru Cloud and Tyler River samples a Bachata classic, Por Mi Timidez, from one of my favorite Bachata artist, the Legend, Antony Santos. Check out the original if you get a chance. Now back to La Costa.

The song starts with a few seconds of the sample, then quickly winds down and transitions into a modernize and more hip-hop version of the guitar play. Amaru quickly steps in with his verse mixed with both English and Spanish lyrics. Tyler River follows right after with his own bilingual verse. Although artists like Pitbull began and maintained his hip-hop career by releasing bilingual songs, I don’t believe the trend has caught on in the mainstream add I predict it will, as it should, and has already on the indie music level. Specifically, with lyrics evenly split between English and Spanish, like it is in this song. Personally, I can’t wait for this to catch on and hope artists like Amaru Cloud and Tyler River keep pushing the trend upward.

We’ve covered Amaru Cloud once before for the release of his video for Andale. Be sure to check that video out here. As for Tyler River, I am just discovering his music and hope to learn more going forward. Currently, I was unable to find much information about him outside of there being two other releases/features from the Dominican artist this year. As I find out more, I will post more from the two artists.

La Costa is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. To keep up to date with new releases from Amaru Cloud, be sure to follow him on Instagram. To learn more about Tyler River, be sure to follow him as well.