Otis Fonde Unleashes Fire On Latest Release “NBA DRAFT”

One of the latest tracks from Otis Fonde, an independent artist from Prince George, VA, recently released a new project titled Triumph. On this project is the track titled “NBA Draft” which is approximately two solid minutes of bars, no features, and Kobe Tribute that follows his Fonde’s verse. The song focuses on the beginning of the artist’s success when he is starting to get the things he always dreamed. He compares the feeling to a ball player entering and getting drafted in the NBA Draft. The name of the track also ties into the tribute at the end, which is a clip of David Stern, the NBA commissioner prior to the current, Adam Silver, who is announcing the 13th picked in the 1996 NBA Draft, Kobe Bryant. The announcement is followed by an audio interview with Kobe.

I aint nothing but an educated hooligan
I need more so I'll probably go to school again
Sallie Mae like "Ah shit! You again?!"
"Yeah Bitch! I'ma push ya back another ten."
Before I pay, I'll probably go a buy another Benz
and take a ten day trip to the Netherlands
I'm just playing, let me get this shit paid off
I'ma start next month, nigga *cough, cough*

This song hits hard this year due to the unforeseen and unfortunate passing of Kobe. Many tributes have been made throughout the year from many artists who admired the 5x NBA Champion and Future Hall of Famer. This year, two LA teams accomplished the ultimate goal in their respective sports with the LA Lakers winning the NBA Finals and the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series. In a moment that most would think about themselves, the work they have put in, and their well-deserved accomplishment, the teams and their fans dedicated those accomplishments to Kobe Bryant. This song is one of the newest additions to a list of dedications made this year.

Fonde has been on a journey himself, making his way through college and the regular working world before relocating and deciding to pursue his dream in music. He has stayed consistent with releasing at least one project each year with multiple songs for his listeners to dissect and enjoy. The latest project was released just this past August and is currently available for his growing fan base.

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