Throwback Track (TBT): “Addicted (Acoustic)” by Jon Vinyl

It seems like the weeks have been flying by during the pandemic. We are here with another throwback track on this #throwbackthursday for you to check out, enjoy, and add to your playlists. Now this song from Jon Vinyl is is a bit different than any we’ve shared as a throwback before because the version of the song that we are sharing, Addicted (Acoustic), is fairly new as it was released May 1st of this year (during the quarantine makes it fairly new). However, the original, Addicted, was released a year beforehand, in May 2019.

The newer acoustic version is just how you’d expect from the name. Less studio equipment and electronics were needed to put this one together compared to the original. Jon Vinyl voice stars in this version and is not drowned out by the music. The guitar is the background singer here, and really is all that is needed. It seems much more soulful and hits much harder than the original, in my opinion. Basically what I’m saying is that if I had to sing one version or the other to my girl, it would be the acoustic version.

Check out the acoustic version below and let me know what you think. If you have not heard the original, it is available to stream on both Apple Music and Spotify.