Blake Fades Releases New Single Titled “6AM”

New single from Oklahoma artist, Blake Fades, titled 6AM. The song is the latest of a decently sized list of singles released this year. Many artists have taken the time off or used much of the time to brainstorm, but Blake Fades has stayed busy and consistent throughout.

On my first listen to the song, I picked up a bit of a southern or country influence. Didn’t know if it was the guitar play, the delivery, or the accent that created the thought but once I saw the Oklahoma roots, it all made sense. The song flows easy and fits the modern style a note dragging at the end of each rhyme scheme with added adlibs. During a quick search to learn more about Blake Fades, I learned that his most loyal fans feel he’s highly overlooked. Based on what I’ve heard with this latest release and from his most loyal fans, I’ll be looking for more from Fades and taking time out to listen to his past work.

6AM is now available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Blake Fades, follow him on Instagram and Twitter. To catch a bit of the artist’s personality and some BTS of the making of 6AM, check out this video.

Update: the YouTube video has now been removed.