New York artist, Xavo, release new single and video “Fiji”

Today, we have new music from New York artist, Xavo, titled Fiji. The upbeat track is one of those that you can play on repeat for a good while. No lie, I’ve just listened to this track on repeat for about an hour or so while getting things done around the house. The chorus is very catchy, and beat is one where you can maybe put together the next new viral dance or just sit back and vibe to.

I can pop up like a genie. Please me. Baby don't tease me. Come out your jeans.
I want to make us a movie, 3D. Put it on TV, focus on me.
She want to ride the surfboard. Give me that Fiji, dab in your seat;
She want to come first yah, remember the [inaudible], focus on me.

Xavo is a fairly new artist, having released just one project, Know Me Now, back in 2019. Other than this project, Xavo has released three singles and was featured on a track with another artist. The New York artist is in the beginning stages of his career but is very focused on increasing his presence on bigger scene while creating a fun listening experience.

Fiji is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Xavo, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.