BCV’s Spotify #2020Wrapped

Just like everyone else who has a Spotify account, we received our year’s-end #2020WRAPPED list. It’s cool to see what and who we have been listening to throughout the year. The crazy thing about this list is that it is a bit different than our Apply Replay list, but that’s another post. Check out our Top 5 genres, songs, and artists on Spotify in 2020.

New Artists Discovered:

Throughout the year, we’ve learned about and listened to many new artists through submissions and requests on Stationhead streams. From Spotify’s count, we have discovered 54 new artists in 2020. I do wish we had the opportunity to list those artist, but a list of those 54 artist were not provided for us. However, I am sure that those artists are included in the lists below. Although we use Apple Music a bit more than Spotify currently, we hope that this number grows in the new year.

Our Top 5 Genre’s On Spotify:

  1. Indie Soul
  2. Boston Hip
  3. French Indietronica
  4. Rap Français
  5. Australian Hip Hop

Our Top 5 Songs:

  1. I Love It by Reem Ali
  2. Miami Way by Zero Vega
  3. Do You Better by Rohan
  4. Love In The Sky by McClenney, April + Vista
  5. Confetti by Zirra