Our Favorite Songs on Apple Music in 2020 #AppleReplay

Here we are! We’ve made it! It is the last day of the year! While most folks are either getting ready to go out and party or preparing a small gathering amongst family at home, I am spending the last few hours listening to music. Go figure, right? While listening to music, I remembered that although I shared our Spotify #2020Wrapped, I did not share out Apple Music top songs, which is the app that I use more than any other streaming platform.

Top Artists

This year, we listened to 983 different/new artists. Out of those artists, our Top 10 artists listened to were:

  1. Sofila (7 hours)
  2. Dela Prime (4 hours)
  3. Jon Vinyl (4 hours)
  4. Soufside Zo (4 hours)
  5. Stevie Ray/J.Lately (4 hours)
  6. Dojo Cuts (4 hours)
  7. Hendrix Harris (3 hours)
  8. Mia Mormino (3 hours)
  9. Prophet (3 hours)
  10. Reece (3 hours)

In total, we listened to more than 371 hours of music. It may not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that we listen to music on various platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Stationhead, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.) and that number is actually much higher across, collectively. We live and love music!

Top Songs

So without further ado, here is our list of our favorite songs (aka the Top Songs that we’ve listened to) on Apple Music for the year 2020:

  1. One by Sofila feat. Chozin
  2. Off the Porch by Prophet
  3. Tears by Soufside Zo
  4. Push & Pull by Mia Mormino
  5. AFTERMATH by Hendrix Harris
  6. Moments by Jon Vinyl
  7. Flashing Lights by Daecolm
  8. Nothing But Love by Stevie Ray & J.Lately
  9. Foreign Exchange by Jefe Replay
  10. In the Garden by Kodamilo
  1. Outside by Gracy Hopkins, Krisy, Bonnie Banane, The Jayneral, LYNN, and Anais SD
  2. Rome by Dojo Cuts
  3. Villain by GOLDA
  4. Youth by Chris Bloom & Nobu Sounds
  5. Do You Better by Rohan
  6. Jayairemax ’98 by Jayaire Woods feat. Cozz
  7. Worth It by Donelle Valentine
  8. Heavyweight by Blooky Blanco
  9. Little Slice of Heaven by Sofila
  10. Up One by Rod West
  1. Small by Fabian Secon
  2. Somf by the Unemployed feat. Cas & Miggs
  3. Fruta de Tu Flor by Tulengua
  4. Get a Life by Dela Preme
  5. Triple Double Love by Ivan Ave
  6. Dream Girl by Kng
  7. Heart So Cold by Buckee feat. Dpatt & Diggz3k
  8. I Love It by Reem Ali
  9. Peter Piper by DMB Gotti
  10. F*****y by Saint Lewis & Kennyflowers
  1. Freeze by Icon South & Its92
  2. I Said What I Said by Latte Samuels
  3. WTF by Kenny
  4. Sex in the City by Elliott Trent
  5. Want You by LU KALA
  6. Miami Way by Zero Vega
  7. Sober by MADANII & LLUCID
  8. Taste by Juicy
  9. Hold My Cup by Mougleta
  10. Samurai Drip by Dreso
  1. Ambrosia by Bknott
  2. Pa Ella by 2ble Jay & edZone feat. Fresh EP & Shorty Fresh Boy
  3. Hello by Lord Ju
  4. Ciao Ciao by Lita
  6. UNA FAVOLA by Zoda
  7. Cocoon by Kid Riz
  8. One & Done by Dela Preme
  9. Bagz by FENDI CRUZ
  10. Run ‘Em Out by by Super Osei
  1. Come to Me by Sinclair the Mage
  2. Jealous by Khamari
  3. Wait up for Me by BermudaCal
  4. Missin Out by Romysa
  5. Technicolour by FARR
  6. Last Time by Reece
  7. Love 4 You by Chris Mattison
  8. Contemplate by Elo Kay feat. Jasmin Mote
  9. Cold Blooded by Muyinza
  10. No Love by Jonna Torres & Kadel
  1. Late Night Love by Brian Dublin
  2. Off My Mind by Kayla Rae
  3. Naturaler by K.Cirrus
  4. Falling by Seph Cove
  5. My Whole Life by Tony Thames
  6. Prende by LATENIGHTJIGGY & Caleb Calloway
  7. Money Talks by Toure
  8. Galaxy by Kid Travis feat. Eluzai
  9. The Heat by Khamari
  10. No Time by iiiConic
  1. Intentions by Nic D
  2. Adieu by Austin Riddle
  3. Old Boy by Augusteaux
  4. Show & Tell by VGO
  5. Confetti by Zirra
  6. Saucin’ by Madz
  7. Anxiety by Outrageous Karina
  8. Ben Affleck by seeyousoon
  9. Fiya by Iguocho
  10. She Likes It by Wrash Heed
  1. Let Me Know by King Rik
  2. 2 Shots by Graphene
  3. BACK FOR ME by Reece
  4. No Cake by Scary Potter feat. European Extreme
  5. Strawberry Skies by Kid Travis
  6. Want It by PMD LX
  7. Mimosas by LATENIGHTJIGGY
  8. Love in the Sky by McClenney feat. April + Vista
  9. BOY, DON’T CRY by Reece
  10. Addicted (Acoustic) by Jon Vinyl
  1. Dangerous by Jon Vinyl
  2. Local Rapper by Tommy Will
  3. Baking Soda by Rousseau
  4. Og by Lil Rain 500
  5. Baby Wassup? by Chase Martin
  6. Love Ting by Jay Nahge
  7. No Love by OchoForeign
  8. Steak by Jalao
  9. Summer / Autumn by Eric Ryan