“Demons” by Khamari

After listening to every song from Khamari’s debut EP, I have to say this is the perfect finish. I really feel I must reiterate that this is Khamari’s debut EP. From what I’ve heard in this project, this guy has a bright future ahead of him. If anyone disagrees with me, I would love to receive your opinion in detail because, currently, I can’t see it any other way.

Each song from Khamari’s debut EP has its own magic. Starting with the low and slow melody of Jealous to start the project off, to the slightly more upbeat serenade that is That Girl, to Pull Up which has much more upbeat and made to dance compared to the previous two, followed by probably my favorite out of all of the songs on the EP, The Heat, which features a bass guitar that carries the song and drives the chorus. Then we have a super mellow vibe that you’d imagine would be performed, acoustically, at a nicely packed open mic in a coffee shop. Demons by Khamari is the anchor which brings the magic show to a close.

Another slow and mellow song driven mostly by the sounds from the guitar play, Khamari takes more opportunities in this song than the others to focus on and emphasis his vocals. The song is short, sweet, and rounds out the EP perfectly. Demons is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. Be sure to follow Khamari on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future music news.