New Music Video “Dior Trainers” by Sho Kid

I am really starting to dive into the hip hop scene out in the UK. Over here, in the states, we tend to limit our focus to music released by American artist for the most part. But there are artists all over the world with talent that deserve a listen. If you have followed our blog for some time, you will see that we have shared the talents which exist all over the world.

One place that I believe should begin to shine in the near future is the UK rap/hip hop scene. A new addition to my growing list of songs and artists is a song called DIOR TRAINERS by Sho Kid. The song is a track listed on the newest project released from the Liverpool artist titled Traps & Drills. Sho Kid released a video for this track on Christmas Eve, a day before the release of the full project. The full new project, including Dior Trainers, is now available for streaming on both Apple Music and Spotify.

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