New track released from Zack Cokas titled “Pharmacy”

North Carolina artist, Zack Cokas, has given us a new song to add to our library just in time for the weekend with the release of his latest work, Pharmacy. Although this song was released today as a single, the song is reportedly a part of Cokas’s upcoming project, WARHOL. There is currently no date listed for the upcoming project, but the single is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Zack Cokas is a fairly new artist who began releasing music in the summer of 2018. Since then, he’s built a fanbase which includes approximately 12.9K monthly listeners on Spotify. Cokas connects with his fans through his lyrics which reflect an experience shared by those around his age going through the same obstacles. In Pharmacy, he takes you on a journey through his stress and struggles. He mentions the temptations of turning to pills and drugs, the pharmacy, when under the pressures of life. The beat makes it easy for you to follow along with the vibe of the song because it puts you in a laidback and mellow mood, as if you were under the influence of the pills. Although the song discusses the temptations of turning to the pharmacy, Cokas also mentions his desire to fight the temptations, stay sober, and make a better life for himself (mentions his goal of making it to 30 and settling down). This song speaks directly to an experience shared by many and is very relatable for that reason.

Be sure to check out Pharmacy using the links above and keep a look out for the upcoming project, WARHOL. For more information about Zack Cokas, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.