Charlotte Cardin releases “Meaningless”

I am a big fan of Independent artists with strong vocals. You can’t really teach it. Either the artist has it or not. And for those who have it, only a few have the talent and skill of carrying and hitting certain notes. What am I talking about? Check out the new release by Canadian artist, Charlotte Cardin, titled Meaningless. The song was released this month, along with an official video, as a sneak peek from Charlotte’s upcoming debut album, Phoenix. The debut album is currently scheduled to drop on April 9, 2021.

Meaningless starts with a soft vocal intro from Charlotte. The beat slowly increases at the beginning while Charlotte builds the song to a climax at around the :33 mark. That’s when the beat drops briefly and Charlotte vocals explodes artistically. From that moment, I backed out of my song submission queue and headed over to add the song to my library. I didn’t need to hear much more to be convinced to become a new fan, but of course I did. The rest of the song follows in the same artistic excellence that it began.

This song is one of three songs currently made available from the upcoming project. Charlotte’s states that she created anthems about life and love when making these songs. With Meaningless, you can feel the authenticity and honest expression that comes with putting yourself in your music. This is the type of performance that gets me out of my routine of hip hop and R&B to explore other genres.

Although the full album, Phoenix, will not be available until April 9, 2021, you can check out the early released songs, including Meaningless, on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Charlotte Cardin, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.