New Music And Video From Tarick Titled “Madafu”

As the Summer approaches, I think about my Summer playlist. For the most part, I like to have a few songs to select from to be able to declare my official Summer song. However, when I receive lots of songs with great rhythms and vibes, I’m forced to categorize songs for different parts of the summer. This new song by Tarick titled Madafu creates a vibe so smooth that I must designate it as my intro song for this summer. I know you can feel it!

The titled, Madafu, means “cocunut” in Swahili, one of the languages spoken by the Tanzanian artist. It speaks to his feelings towards his love interest mentioned in the song. “I know she’s sweet like madafu.” The whole song is a vibe and is a “must add” to your playlist. Honestly, tell me you cannot see this song as an intro song for someone with super swag and a lot of love for their significant other. I know weddings don’t usually have intro music, but if my future wife allows me, my selection may have already been made.

Madafu is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Tarick, be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.