“Something’s Gone” by Mezraa ft. Kris the $pirit

New Music Friday brings us a new song and video titled Something’s Gone by Montreal producer, Mezraa, featuring Kris the $pirit. The song was released recently on June 11, 2021 and is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. The visual for the song is available on YouTube (posted below).

Something’s Gone spotlights a reflective point of life at a crossroad where ego and reality checks meet. The narrator describes a point in life where he’s forced to face the tallest of tasks and does it from an intoxicated state to bypass reasonable hesitations. “Sipping on something that make my drink pink. Ignore my instinct. Drowning, I know my shit stink. Hoping I find redemption, I think that I’m on a win streak. No holding me back. It’s just me adjusting to things. Trust me.”

The melody and lyrics is the perfect marriage for this type of song. It definitely commands an attentive ear. Be sure to check this one out and share your thoughts with us. Tell us what your interpretation of the lyrics are or what you get from the song as a whole. For more information about Mezraa, follow him on Instagram.