Illinois Lawmaker Fights To Eliminate Violent Video Games

Photo by Omid Armin

Let’s not look to parenting or invest time and resources into figuring out the real cause of increased violence. Let’s not go after movie makers, actors, or the UFC who make a lot of money from actual or perceived human-on-human violence where a person kills or causes serious physical or psychological harm to another human. Instead, let’s blame video games.

Now I’m not saying those things should be done at all, but should definitely be looked at before we start reaching for video games. The UFC is more advertised and popular than GTA but lawmakers aren’t rushing to censor that. Instead, an Illinois representative is looking to make changes to state laws which would prevent games like Grand Theft Auto from being sold.

What do you think of bans on video games like GTA? Do you think these games deserve the blame for the rise in crime? This post was inspired by “Carjackings and Violent Video Games: An Illinois State Representative’s Quest to Outlaw Grand Theft Auto” published in the Arizona State Sports and Entertainment Law Journal. Be sure to check out the original article for more information.