New Music “Asesino Lírical” by Cotto RNG

Tenemos una canción nueva del rapero argentino, Cotto RNG, que se llama Asesino Lírical. For those who couldn’t read the first sentence, it’s an introduction in Spanish for our latest song feature titled Asesino Líricas from Argentinian rapper, Cotto RNG. This new song, released about a month ago, is raw and real. The illustration isn’t just within the lyrics and it’s delivery, but also within the video released with the song. We’ve posted it below for you to enjoy.

Not much information was provided with this submission, but I’m sure there will be more about this artist to come out soon. This artist’s sound is made to be heard. Although we didn’t much information, if you want to follow Cotto RNG or get updates regarding new songs, be sure to follow him on Instagram. Asesino Lírical is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.