Ronnie Lott Releases First Track “Best Friend” Since The Widespread Shutdown

When life comes out of the left field with some nonsense and pulls you away from the music world, you have to fight you’re way back to the scene and enter with a smooth new R&B and rap joint like the new single recently released by Ronnie Lott titled Best Friend. This song is the perfect selection to get us started in this new week of music.

Now, I find it hard to get the right balance between rap and R&B when creating a playlist. Somehow, the San Antonio artist, who relocated to New York City in 2019, found the perfect balance in one song. It gives me a late 90s or early 2000s type of vibe when mixing R&B and rap was the trend. The blend of sounds wins points with me. The end product seems more like a complete doing than what you usually see released nowadays. I know my comments may make me seem old with my “back in my day” analysis, but I stand by it.

The theme of the song centers around a young woman who has everything going well in life but her love life. It seems the narration is from the point of view of a guy looking from the outside of the relationship in. He believes he is there better fit for her and spends the entire doing trying to convince her to leave her current situation and be with him.

Best Friend is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about Ronnie Lott or to connect with him for the latest news, follow him Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.