Illinois Artist, 815, Expresses His True Thoughts & Frustrations in Latest Drop “Naiomi’s Interlude”

This next submission we received from 815, an artist from Rockford, IL, is one that may be criticized based on the things said throughout the song, but I see it as pure and honest expression. The song discusses the feelings of a guy who used to be be in a situationship with a woman that has seemed to move on to man 815 does not fully approve of. The lack of approval is not just based on the guy alone, who 815 believes is a “lame” and not exactly what the woman needs although he doesn’t really know him or his name, but it’s based mostly on the comparison between 815 and the new guy. 815 uses comparisons throughout the song to make his case, but honestly, it comes off as a guy who is hurting and bitter about how the cards have been dealt.

From about halfway until the end of the song, displayed primarily in the hook, 815 admits there are upside to the new relationship for his ex or old FWB (he reveals he’s not a “toxic” individual and his ex is no longer sad, in her bad, and with a guy better than the one before 815). Honestly, it seems like he was used and she moved on after she got her fix. The song is a great one to listen to and add to your playlist because it’s one based on real life situations and emotions. If you can relate to this song, no matter which side you fall on, let us know below.

Naiomi’s Interlude can be found on Spotify and Apple Music to stream or add to your playlist. For not news or information about 815, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.