Chrystian Lehr Releases New Twerk Anthem “Twerk Song” With Visual

New Music Friday brings us new music from Chrystian Lehr titled Twerk Song. The song is bold and straight forward in its purpose. It was made to make you twerk! I don’t think there is any way this can be misinterpreted. Now, for me, I got two different vibes from this song. One from hearing the song while watching the video, and another from just listening to the audio. I saw the video first due to the way the submission was sent to me, but then moved over to Apple Music to listen to the audio alone. The reason why? The video was distracting me while I was trying to analyze the song as I do with other submissions. Once you see the video, you’ll understand.

Listening to the audio alone allowed me to appreciate the art of the song much more than hearing it while watching the video. This is not to say the video was not good, but as I said before, it is effective in distracting you from the lyrics. The song is an active type of R&B. For me this means the song is not just vocals and slow music. This song carries a healthy pace to keep the party going if played at an outing, but shows off the LA artist’s vocal skills at the same time. Obvisiouly, this was the best choice to go with if this was to be a functional twerk song. And now to the video!

My first experience with the Twerk Song was with both the audio and visual together. Honestly, I was thrown off a bit because I was not expecting the level of dedication towards the theme. I am not sure if this is all good or bad. But it definitely catches your attention. The video starts off in what seems like a high school, and goes to a classroom setting. There, the teacher (Lehr) walks in and takes a seat. It’s movie day in school. Yeah, the day we all looked forward to back in the day. No classwork, no instruction, just a movie or video to watch. He immediately turns on the video which is the choreography for the Twerk Song music video. Most of the dancers in the video are those in the classroom who seem to be trying out for the school’s twerk team. But there is a little more spice added to the dancing in the video.

Now, I have watered down my description of the twerking in the video because I did not want to give it all away without you viewing the video for yourself (check it out, its posted below). But I want to know what you think. First, check out the audio first on Apple Music or Spotify, and let me know what you think. Then check out the video and give me your thoughts, feelings, or interpretation of the video. For more from Chrystian Lehr, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.