Completely Boofy Blitzed Releases Bold New Song Titled “Iwannas”

Now this song is a bit outside of our genre preference, but you know that hasn’t stopped us before from shining a bit of light on a song that we’ve liked. It takes less than twenty seconds of listening to this song to realize why it stood out to us. Russian artist, Completely Boofy Blitzed, released a song titled Iwannas on May 28, 2021 which starts with the following lyrics:

You make me feel so bad
You make me feel so weak
You make me feel so crazy
Like I'm s stupid freak

You make me feel so mad
You make me feel so sick...
Iwannas *** **** ****

Now if you can’t make out what’s being said by reading the verse, that is more of a reason for you to check out the song. It is bold, seductive, and unique all at the same time. It reminds me a bit of Madonna in regard to the boldness and sexual reference. But this is just one song. I am interested in checking out other songs from Completely Boofy Blitzed.

For more information about Completely Boofy Blitzed, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest music and video releases. Be sure to stream Iwannas on Apple Music and Spotify!