It’s a “Goth Party” with a Hip Hop vibe

Looking for a song that will get you from 0 to 100 real quick on the hype meter? I got you! New music from DJ NotGoth, Moe Marley, Yung $moke, and Skinny Blue titled Goth Party. The song, which is produced by NotGoth who is originally from California, is filled with Bay Area vibes. I’m not sure if NotGoth is actually from the Bay Area, but it would make plenty of sense with this beat. Moe Marley, an artist currently based in Arizona, is also originally from the Pacific Northwest and could have also contributed to the hyphy/bay area vibes.

The song also features Arizona artists, Yung $moke and Skinny Blue. $moke, who started as a DJ rocking parties and other events, puts all of that energy to use with his verse in this track. Skinny was a bit harder to find out of all the artists. Although I learned a good amount about the East Valley artist through other publications, I feel I’ve learned more about him by listening to some of his old music. Don’t be fooled by the short library available on Apple Music. To really check out his skills, you have to dive into his SoundCloud profile. Yes, SoundCloud still exists. Hit the link.

With their powers combined (Captain Planet reference), these four put together a bit of magic in audio, but also provided us with a visual, which is embedded below. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. If you’d like to add the track to your playlist, Goth Party is available on Apple Music and Spotify.