APHROSE’s Voice Shines Through Her Latest Release “If We Ever Want to Change”

There are some songs that just take control of you from the moment you hit play. That is the case with the latest single from APHROSE titled If We Ever Want to Change. The new song from the toronto artist was released recently at the beginning of september 2021. An old school type of R&B that is rarely heard on the mainstream airways, it is always good to hear a change of tune.

Life’s soundtrack should not be filled with fast-paced or mumble rap or pop music. Sometimes you need song that reflects what we feel on the inside, or the things that we go through, but don’t share with others. We have all dealt with a relationship where things felt good on the surface level, but was not good for us overall. The struggle of choosing whether to stay or leave is one we usually keep from others because it is hard for them to understand the true conflict without going through it themselves. This is basically the story in this song and APHROSE does a good job of laying out the struggles. However, she does gives us a lesson which is a line in the lyrics which goes: “Things can never be the same, if we ever want to change.”

If We Ever Want to Change is currently available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify. For more information about the artist, APHROSE, be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.