Overreacting… Over Acting?

There are some individuals who’ve gone to college but still have much learn. This is the case in one of the latest conflicts that has materialized on Twitter. Apparently, Amanda Seales, who plays a character on an HBO TV show titled Insecure, had to explain to some folks how fiction and acting works. These folks appeared to be bothered that Seales’ character was wearing or a part of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority although Seales herself of not a member.

You would think that once she made things clear, no one would open up to the stupidity of being outraged at acting, but in the world of Twitter, some people just don’t have shame. Many replied with their outrage and were quickly ridiculed, deservedly. Some believed it to be disrespectful for anyone who was not a part of the organization to even pretend on television.

I wonder what these people think about actors who pretend to be cops, military, or a part of any organization that they aren’t a part of in real life. And it’s only Monday…