Kid Travis Releases New Single “Ithinkilikeu”

If you’ve followed us for some time, Kid Travis should be no stranger to you. He’s recently released a new single titled Ithinkilikeu which is currently available on Spotify and Apple Music. As we’ve said before, KT released music quickly and it’s always worth it to tune in. This year alone, KT has released approximately twenty-three singles. Since this song, there’s been two singles. Kid Travis is a must follow for new music from an up and coming artist. Trust me!

This new song gives me the vibe of an in game music track in a racing game. Maybe a modern day remake of Mario Kart. Take a listen and let me know of you agree. If KT hasn’t thought about it yet, I’d say this would be a good candidate for a new game. Submit it to a company for the opportunity (remember us little guys when it makes it).