Felly The Voice Drops Debut Track “Crazy Girls”

Songwriter, Felly The Voice, makes his recording artist debut by releasing the song and video for Crazy Girls. Although Felly may be new releasing his own music, he has worked with various mainstream artists (such as Chris Brown, Usher, Queen Naija, etc.) and is no stranger to the music industry. Taking what he learned from others, the Indiana artists is now ready to step into his own light.

Crazy Girls was released in September 2021 on Apple Music and Spotify along with the official music video on YouTube. To be honest, my first reaction to the acting was that it was a bit corny (with the artificial crowd sounds same reactions). However, it was that kind of corny that keeps you curious enough to keep watching. I’m happy that I did because it came around and got better in my opinion. The pre-video skit consisted of a baby boy parody which led directly into the song. Check out the full video below and give me your overall feedback.

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