Argentina Drill On The Rise With New Release From Muzza titled “Más Que Ayer”

I’m starting to become a major fan of Spanish Drill. More specifically, Drill music from Argentina. We shared a few songs which were brought to our attention before and now we have one more to add to the collection. It’s one of the latest releases from Argentinian artist, Muzza, titled Más Que Ayer.

The thing that stands out the most here is the track’s instrumental. The beat sounds mean. It has the power to get you hype in its own. But that’s why the full song is a bonus. The thing that makes Mas Que Ayer stand out a bit from the previous Argentinian drill tracks is the addition of English lyrics in the track. Some may not like it Spanglish, but in my opinion, it makes the song a bit better than single language tracks.

Let us know what you think about the track and if you think adding a second language to a song makes music better. Stream Mas Que Ayer on Apple Music and Spotify by clicking the links. For more from Muzza, check him out on Instagram and Twitter.