Three of My Favorite Songs From The 12/4 ESMR Hour Reviews

Photo by Fringer Cat

Every Saturday, the homie Bo from the ESMR Hour channel on YouTube hosts a live music review stream. For the most part, when my schedule is clear and not hectic, I sit back, relax, and tune in to hear new music and participate in the comment section with feedback. The stream is more than a sit and watch experience. Instead, you’re encouraged to give your feedback and thoughts, and even rate the song submissions along with other artists and viewers. Additionally, there is a bit of discussion about current events that takes place.

This past Saturday, my schedule was a bit hectic which prevented me from tuning in. However, I did take some time this week to go back and tune in. Since I was unable to participate in the live stream, I thought it would be cool to share three of the songs which stood out to me during the stream.

“Hours Make Ours” by Emmitt Dupree

Anything that brings a bit of that soulful type of R&B back, I am down for it! Emmitt Dupree does that with his vocals in the new track. This song is a throwback topic-wise. It seems like new artist are scared to discuss or express feelings, but that is not the case here. Additionally, Dupree does so artistically throw his lyrics as well in the illustration of the video. But what do you think?

“Don’t Wanna Move” by DXB

This song is one of the realest and honest songs I have heard in a while. During a time where many people are dealing with depression and other mental health issues, this song has the potential to speak to a lot of individuals. In my opinion, DXB used this song to share a bit of his own experience. Why do I believe that? The details shared are way too accurate for a person going through such an issue. If you been here before, you know this is 100% facts. I understand many songs are the product of feelings being translated into musical form. However, to be able to transform THESE type of feelings, mental health issues, and turn it into a song, I feel this showcases DXB artistry and skill.

“18th Moon” by Capatin Maged

The first thing about this song that I like is that it is different than what we normally hear. Yes, that helps because we get similar submissions all the time. So when there is something different added to the mix, it helps it stand out. Here, we get a different language with a similar sound. The beat knocks and the flow is very melodic. What is there not to like about this one?