New Discovery: “Real Love” by Jay Triiiple

Photo by Erin Song

Scrolling through the internet, as I do from time to time, trying to find new talent in other cities and scenes, I came across a Denver artist named Jay Triiiple on Twitter. After peeping the song in her pinned tweet speaking about the culture and history, including victims of recent tragedies such as Trayvon Martin, I had to look for more music.

Jay is said to be a storyteller through her rhymes which is evident upon first listen. She describes her experiences and thoughts in a way which makes it easy as a listener to understand, and as a fan to enjoy. Her confidence also stands out as if she’s been putting the pen to paper for many years (a seasoned artist).

After looking to learn more about this artist, I came across a single released earlier in the year titled “Real Love” which is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify. Check it out below and let me know hope you feel about it.

You can connect with Jay Triiiple via social on Twitter and Instagram.