Kid Travis Covers “Wandered To LA” by Juice WRLD & Justin Bieber

Photo by Jake Blucker

The newly released single, Wandered to LA by Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber, has quickly spread across the internet. Many dedicated fans have already begun making TikTok videos using the song which also contributed to its promotion. However, because I’m not one who usually focuses on mainstream music or artist, I came across the new song while watching one of the latest videos released by Kid Travis.

As you may always know, Kid Travis is not only known for releasing his own music, but also recording covers to popular mainstream music. Usually, he adds his own touch to it so that it becomes unique. Kid Travis’s dedicated fans look forward to his versions of mainstream songs and seem to prefer them. One of the comments left stated, “Amazing, didn’t think I could live this song anymore.” Another added, “I wandered to LA and back just to hear a KT cover.” It appears Kid Travis has already received a good number of stamps of approval for his latest cover. What do you think?