Shan Releases New “Tru” Visual

I’m feeling the return of good R&B music and enjoy the fact that independent artists are leading the way. When I say good R&B, I’m referring to songs filled with passion or pain in the vocals over a rhythmic instrumental track that carries its own passion or pain. Those who understand good R&B will understand my definition. One of the artists contributing to the return is Shan, a hip-hop and R&B artist originally from New York but currently making moves in Los Angeles. He recently released a single titled Tru, which is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify. The song is smooth from start to finish. From the play of the guitar to the beat and vocals, this song is well put together in my opinion.

Shan released a video to the new single shortly after the song dropped. Although he is not on the dancing level of Usher or Chris Brown, I like the fact that Shan added some choreography to the video. Things like that is what made early R&B stand out from the new school stuff, and made us pay attention to some artist over others. I’m looking forward to seeing more moves in future videos. You never know, the next video may create the next viral dance for TikTok.

Be sure to stream the new single and check out the visual on YouTube (below). To learn more about Shan, be sure to follow him on Instagram.