Friday Brings New Music | 3.4.22

Photo by Erin Song

Happy Friday! We’ve finally made it through the work week. For some reason, this week seemed to drag a bit as if we repeated a few days before getting here. But we finally made it and as a reward, we receive new music from a few artists releasing projects today. Check out the list below of some of the new music coming out today or that has come out in the past week and let us know which that you like. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more music!

  1. Nightfall” by Blade Cartier feat. Blvck Svm
  2. Replace Me” by Kid Travis
  3. Solar Love” by Coastal feat. Sofila
  4. Ain’t From Here” by BermudaCal
  5. New Album: “Bad Vibes” from Khamari
  6. Plata” by Celebre & Dunamis Producer
  7. Ctb X Dbg” by Yawnee Gunna feat. The Desert Baby
  8. Alternate Reality” by Mia Mormino
  9. Goodnight and Goodmorning” by Cyril M & Mougleta
  10. Risotto” by Blvck Svm & Sebastian Kamae
  11. She a Catch” by Young Budde
  12. 602 Shit” by Rich Hefner
  13. In Town” by 815
  14. Perra Jefe [Remix]” by Young Princey feat. Yung Reece & J.Rob the Chief
  15. New EP: “Respectfully, Ms. Mar. EP” from Miss Mar
  16. 4 New Singles from Mitch:
  17. Like Bob Marley” by Vonte Mays & Valley Club