This Week’s New Music | 3.13.22

Photo by Aiden Marples

Before we start the new work week, take some time and check out some of the new music released in the last seven days by some of our favorite independent artists. We’ve included Apple Music links to the songs for easy access. Let us know what you think!

If you released new music this past week and want to be added to this list, send us a message with your name and song title.

  1. Valley Boyz” by Raee Dasteppa feat. Nuggy & Murkemz
  2. Drown” by Nuke Tha God feat. Emmitt Dupree
  3. A Threat To Threats” by Emotion feat. Murkemz
  4. Bang” by Kid Travis
  5. Cribbo” by 815
  6. Take It There” by Kid Boom & Gemaine
  7. Right Here” by iiiConic feat. IJALE
  8. Hello 2.0 (Legends Only)” by James Reid, Transparent Arts, and JAY B feat. OZI
  9. Pretty Faces” by Nic D
  10. Luz Verde” by D2OS & Ana Mancebo
  11. Hurt People Hurt People” by 815
  12. Lifestyle” by Elysia Gupta (formerly known as “Prettiest Savage”)