Amber Donoso takes control in New Visual “Aventura”

A new music video has recently been released for Aventura, one of the latest releases from Amber Donoso, a singer and songwriter from London. The song features two other artists, Daecolm & Biggs, of which the former is the reason we’ve stumbled upon this new release.

Songs which mix Spanish and English well stand out to our ears. This song is one of those songs. It mixes the R&B vocals of Daecolm and a Latin pop sound from Amber Donoso with Biggs rounding things off. We knew it would be worth the listen due to the previous work we’ve covered from Daecolm. When we heard a new feature was released, we were psyched to hear it and become familiar with new artists as well.

Check out the new visual below for Aventura and let us know what you think of both the song and visual. For more information about Amber Donoso, be sure to check her out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.