The Beats From Last Week | 4.4.22

Photo by Breakingpic

We almost moved in into another week without doing a weekly rap up of the latest releases. With all the drama from the Oscars, the anticipation for the Grammys, and the wind down off the NBA season, last week was a bit distracting. But we haven’t not forgotten about you and will get straight to the point this week. Below is a list of the latest singles and projects. Let us know which you like best!

  1. Funk Flex Freestyle Part 1” by Murkemz
  2. Funk Flex Freestyle Part 2” by Murkemz
  3. New EP: “Fiftypercentgratuity” by Blvck Svm & Sebastian Kamae
  4. Knock Up Artist” by DMB Gotti
  5. Blicky” by DMB Gotti
  6. Rock & Roll” by Yungg Budde
  7. 4 Seasons” by Yungg Budde
  8. Run Around” by Yungg Budde
  9. New EP: “Kin9” by Touré Masters
  10. Dice” by Kevin Up & Dunamis Producer
  11. Thrill” by Austin Riddle
  12. Fairytale” by Alwz Snny & Sincerely Collins
  13. Karma” by 815
  14. All You” by Charming Horses, Mougleta, and Lotus
  15. New EP: “Whine & Cheese” by Completely Boofy Blitzed
  16. Juice” by ItsJust.AR feat. Yung Reece
  17. Love Nwantiti” by Kid Travis
  18. Created for Me” Illmatiq feat. LATENIGHTJIGGY
  19. Human Torch” by Blade Cartier feat. Blvck Svm
  20. Soul Search” by Tommy Will feat. Rachel
  21. De Carnaval” by Jake Williams
  22. Rockstar” by Zay-Money
  23. Maximize” by Don Da Menace feat. Mike Nova, LIFEOFTHOM, and Bknott
  24. Hot Gurl” by Yungg Budde
  25. Nostalgia” by SPXN feat. Blvck Svm

ARTISTS: If you’ve released new music this past week, are not listed, but want to be added to the list, send us a message with your name and song title.