Friday Brings New Music | 4.8.22

Photo by Steve Harvey

We’ve made it through another week of work, school, or both! Time to relax and enjoy the weekend! If you are like me, you are ready to bring in the weekend with some new tunes. This week, we are on top of it. Bringing you another full list of music released this week by some of our favorite independent artists. Hopefully you can designate some time during this weekend to kick back, relax, and discover new music from this list. If something stands out to you, let us know. If you know an independent artist who has released music this past week, comment below with their name and the song title. Enjoy!

  1. These Days” by BenFly & DJ Flippp feat. Eff Neff & T-Nasty
  2. Gifted” by Kayla Rae
  3. Glory” by Zay-Money
  4. Alone” by Elliott Trent
  5. State Your Name [Remix]” by Murkemz feat. Dazy Lyn & FTK Ghost
  6. Crunch Time” by Yungg Budde
  7. La Baby Rasta” by J Álvarez & Jonna Torres
  8. New Album: “Gas Forever” by Deebo Lotti Maserati
  9. Been Replaced” by 815
  10. Calling My Phone” by Kid Travis
  11. Infrared Beam” by Scary Potter
  12. Restart” by Fat Wallace feat. Lex Bratcher
  13. Minefield” by Nic D
  14. Blind Faith” by Kenneth Goodrich feat. Sofila
  15. New Album: “Money Talk II” by NatStar
  16. On Sight” by Marquette King & Sincerely Collins

ARTISTS: If you’ve released new music this past week, are not listed, but want to be added to the list, send us a message with your name and song title.