“Switch” by Mega Maytrx is Abnormal, But Catchy

It’s the middle of the week and I’m still hungry for new music. Funny thing is that while this next submission has been pending, its been spinning in rotation on our Apple Music playlist because its a vibe that couldn’t be ignored and had to be heard. Now it’s your turn to hear Switch by Mega Maytrx.

“If there was a trap house in outer space, this would be its theme song.” I couldn’t put my finger on it, but if there is an spot on description, I think this would be it. The song pushes the tempo a bit, but I believe it sits just short of being considered too fast. I think this also contributes to its appeal. I imagine this being the background song during a race scene, maybe between spaceships. Or in the next Fast & Furious, which may soon be set in space itself.

Check out Mega Maytrx debut song, Switch, on Apple Music or the visual below (via YouTube).