Our “Top 5 Favorite Songs Released Thus Far This Year (TFTY)” Lists

Photo by Immo Wegmann

New music has come in fast and furious this year. We’ve combed through many suggestions and a long list of releases from our favorite independent artists and tried to come up with one list of our favorite new songs released this year. Well, that’s proven hard to do with just one general list because there have too many good songs released this year, in my opinion. So instead, we’ve made a few lists of our top 5 songs in different categories. Give us some feedback and let us know which songs you vibe with on the list.

Top 5 Favorite Arizona Releases TFTY

  1. Arizona Love Story (Intro)” by Yung Reece
  2. Hours Make Ours” by Emmitt Dupree
  3. Ra Ra” by Daviphresh
  4. Take Your Time” by Marley B.
  5. Chills” by Dom 2 Timez feat. Malachiae

Top 5 Favorite R&B Releases TFTY

  1. Yo” by Donelle Valentine
  2. Ameriani” by Mitch
  3. Favours” by Jon Vinyl & Avry
  4. Conditional Love” by Gemaine & Charlie Heat feat. Ymtk
  5. Fallin’ Off” by Tyler Loyal

Top 5 Favorite Urbano Music Releases TFTY

  1. Que Ganas” by Moize & Jonna Torres
  2. Quédate Aquí” by D-Alexis feat. LATENIGHTJIGGY
  3. Luz Verde” by D2OS & Ana Mancebo
  4. Purple Planets” by Tulengua
  5. El Jeque del Drill” by Lezcano TT

Top 5 General Favorite Releases TFTY

  1. Funk Flex Freestyle, Pt. 2” by Murkemz
  2. Still Mine” by Tyler Loyal
  3. Tom Brady” by Mitch
  4. Ginuwine” by Amaru Cloud
  5. Lock” by NatStar