“Calling Back” by Kid Travis

Today, we have one of the latest releases from Kid Travis, Calling Back. The single is one of a long list of songs released by the Philly artist this year. If you’re familiar with Kid Travis’s work, you know he releases music regularly. Although Calling Back was just released in mid March, Kid Travis has already released twelve other singles since.

Although it may seem like we’re behind presenting Calling Back, we did introduce the new single during the week it was released via our weekly list of new releases (we follow the releases of our favorite artists). The song has also been a part of our BCV New Music Playlist, which features our favorite songs from independent and newer artists.

Calling Back is an accelerated R&B song that has an addictive vibe building up to and through the song’s hook. The new single focuses on two individuals who were previously in a romantic relationship who get over each other at a different pace. Based on the lyrics it send Kid Travis is the one lagging behind and still holding a flame for his ex.

Check out Calling Back on Apple Music and Spotify and let us know what you think. For more information about Kid Travis, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.