Last Week’s New Music | 6.21.22

Photo by David Bartus

Out with the old week, in with the new! That’s the motto right now to get this week started. However, we can’t bring in a new week of music without highlighting the newest releases of last week from our favorite artists. So, in order to bring some closure to last week, we’ll get you straight to it. Here is a list of the releases from last week. Have a listen using the Apple Music links below and let us know which are your favorites. Enjoy!

  1. Pelinegra” by Symon Dice, Kaleb Di Masi & LATENIGHTJIGGY feat. Franco “El Gorilla”
  2. Gemini” by Shan
  3. Better” by DasherExclusive Better feat. Mook TBG & AlfredThaGoat
  4. Run it” by GtBeatz feat. Murkemz
  5. PEZZI DA 10” by Zoda
  6. Idris” by TLNT SHW, Zack Cokas & Cam Cokas
  7. New LP: “Sunset Avenue” by Kid Travis
  8. The Most Known Unknown” by Earth Yarb feat. Delly Everyday
  9. State of Bliss (Live Version)” by King Quice
  10. No Complaints” by Yungg Budde
  11. Esquina” by Matt Brade feat. Noturlover & Blvck Svm
  12. Arizona Music” by Vonte Mays, Valley Club & 602 Byron

ARTISTS: If you’ve released new music this past week, are not listed, but want to be added to the list, send us a message with your name and song title.