Latest New Music Releases | 7.13.22

Photo by Eduardo Romero

It’s been a couple weeks and we’ve finally come across a number of new releases to a decent sized list together for you to explore. As usual, we have a little of everything from rap, R&B, urbano, and more. Check out the list below and let us know which is your favorite new release. Enjoy!

  1. In My Head” by Donelle Valentine & HitMakerDot
  2. Next!” by Lex Bratcher
  3. Say Less” by Lord Ju
  4. Mai Tai” by DJ HMD & Derek King feat. Alexcis
  5. Coming Down” by Kid Travis feat. Double O Smoove
  6. Brackish” by Blvck Svm & Obeehave
  7. Lay It Down (Stripped)” by Gemaine & Charlie Heat feat. Gregory Edwards & Ymtk
  8. Summertime Lit” by Yungg Budde
  9. Pantera” by Mike Southside & Lezcano TT
  10. On the Radar” by Murkemz
  11. Isis (Remix)” by Joyner Lucas Isis feat. Starringo, Catra, Lex Bratcher & Kvng Moses
  12. Paopao” by Paopao
  13. The Greatness” by Broadway Joe Baggs feat. Tay Da Crown
  14. La Planta” by J Álvarez feat. Jonna Torres & DJ Unic
  15. New EP: “Autoritratto” by Zoda
  16. All I Know” by Over Easy, Hoved & Mougleta
  17. Dancing With Nobody Else” by Kid Travis
  18. Opp Dropp (Extended)” by Mook TBG
  19. On To the Next” by Marley B.
  20. PEACH and BOWSER” by Tyler Coolidge feat. Shye
  21. Stuck On You” by BermudaCal
  22. I Can’t Stop Talking to God” by Zack Cokas
  23. 2 Ways” by Jack Daniel & Jayda Pink
  24. Sayona R.I.P.” by Chad Mantino feat. Futuristic & Lex Bratcher
  25. No Industry” by Jbadge
  26. SAY LESS, Pt. 2” by Ricardo Nunez feat. Murkemz
  27. No Hablo” by Sincerely Collins & Young Buck

ARTISTS: If you’ve released new music this past week, are not listed, but want to be added to the list, send us a message with your name and song title.