The Tyrese Crisis: Somebody, come get ya man!

Jodie, what’s going on? Now I see why Yvette almost left you for her ex when he got out of prison. How you gone ride hard for your daughter, but wouldn’t help your son when Snoop Dogg called him a scrub and knocked over his fort.

All jokes aside, we cant fault a man for loving his daughter and wanting to spend time with her. We are not here to do that. However, what we must do is file a missing person report for whoever is Tyrese’s mans’. He needs to be located ASAP! Hell, we’ll even offer a reward! Once we find him, he must come get his man who has recently fallen completely apart.

There is nothing wrong with going through trials and tribulations. It happens to us all. But recording, reviewing, and uploading this dark downward spiral is totally unacceptable, which is why we must find his man to reunite him with Tyrese, take his phone, and help him through whatever he is going through. Let’s now review all things that are avoidable that Tyrese has failed to avoid.

We all know that he just wants his daughter. It’s clear from the song, I mean, the video. Though I understand and agree with the sentiment of wanting to see your little ones, I must say that my favorite line was “WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEE-E-E.” The funny part is that this might be Tyrese’s best song since “Sweet Lady.” Look, I get it! The man wants to see his baby. That’s understandable. But, why does Tyrese go into the next video twerking, crying, and showing just about the same reaction over his chef doing the job he is paid to do?

The part that gets me is when he says “he cooks for us everyday because he loves us!” I’m sure he cooks for you because that’s his job, bruh! Nothing more. How do you even twerk and cry in the same video? Lastly, the biggest reason why we need to find someone to help him out, which is now known as “The Lie”, is when he put the instagram pressure on Will Smith to wire him 5 million dollars. Isn’t this called extortion?! To Tyrese’s closest friends and family, I’m begging and pleading with you now…COME GET HIM!