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Trading Bad Publicity for Brand Awareness & Growth?

I know you may think this sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. What if the offensive photo published by H&M was a part of a bigger plan? What if the child in the photo and the product in the picture were paired on purpose? I mean, are we really supposed to believe that in 2018, no one in the marketing department, or in any leadership position, looked at this ad and thought that it might face heavy criticism?

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Joyner Lucas releases “I’m Not Racist”

If you woke up and jumped on Twitter today, you would have realized two things. First, you would have noticed that Donald Trump had gotten up earlier than all of us to tweet/retweet something divisive and, second, #ImNotRacist was trending on Twitter. I immediately thought #ImNotRacist was directly linked to Donald Trump, or was a disclaimer made by a public figure after saying something racist. Needless to say, I took the bait. 

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Meet Colin Kaepernick: GQ Citizen of the Year

Being from Phoenix, I’ve always been an avid Arizona Cardinals fan. I still ride hard for them to this day, although this doesn’t appear to be our year. As a Cardinals fan, I used to strongly despise Colin Kaepernick. He began his career OWNING us, going 3-0 against the Cardinals until we fought back to close the gap (he’s currently 4-3 in his career vs. AZ).