Joyner Lucas releases “I’m Not Racist”

If you woke up and jumped on Twitter today, you would have realized two things. First, you would have noticed that Donald Trump had gotten up earlier than all of us to tweet/retweet something divisive and, second, #ImNotRacist was trending on Twitter. I immediately thought #ImNotRacist was directly linked to Donald Trump, or was a disclaimer made by a public figure after saying something racist. Needless to say, I took the bait. 

I quickly realized that the #ImNotRacist hashtag was trending because of the release of a new video by Joyner Lucas titled “I’m Not Racist.” The early feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with a few claiming that it was a must see. After seeing multiple tweets saying the same thing, I took the bait again. After watching the video, my initial thought was that the video and song was a good start, but I felt it lacked something. There were a lot of generalizations made on both sides of the issue highlighted in the video. It made me wonder if anyone else shared this opinion.

Although more could have been added to the song, it is better than the vast majority of what we hear today. This song actually has a message. However, “I’m Not Racist” should serve as the start of a conversation instead of the guide. I recommend that we all watch and share the video, but lead the discussion in a manner that allows for a more meaningful conversation to take place (in comparison to that in the video). Watch the video below and leave a comment with your take.