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Trading Bad Publicity for Brand Awareness & Growth?

I know you may think this sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. What if the offensive photo published by H&M was a part of a bigger plan? What if the child in the photo and the product in the picture were paired on purpose? I mean, are we really supposed to believe that in 2018, no one in the marketing department, or in any leadership position, looked at this ad and thought that it might face heavy criticism?

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Joyner Lucas releases “I’m Not Racist”

If you woke up and jumped on Twitter today, you would have realized two things. First, you would have noticed that Donald Trump had gotten up earlier than all of us to tweet/retweet something divisive and, second, #ImNotRacist was trending on Twitter. I immediately thought #ImNotRacist was directly linked to Donald Trump, or was a disclaimer made by a public figure after saying something racist. Needless to say, I took the bait. 

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Vin Scully: Supports the Military. What about Police Brutality?

Why would Vin Scully make a statement that seems to put the NFL Players’ Protest and the Military against each other? I know, this is not the first time a person has done this during this protest which started with Colin Kaepernick during last year’s NFL season. However, it’s ridiculous for a person with his reputation to make such a statement. Vin Scully has spent years building the type of reputation that could have unanimously been deemed immaculate up to this point. I mean, look at how he was received by the crowd during Game 2 of the 2017 World Series.

Stick to Sports: Athletes should no longer be obligated to speak with the media.


Historically, reporters have spoken to athletes before, during, or after the game to bring viewers closer to the them. The more we see or hear from athletes, the more we feel that we know them personally. The media has been the middleman in this process for a long time, but it no longer seems necessary.