Podson’s Top 5 AZ Artist List

This past Friday, I sat down with one of the biggest influencers in the valley, Podson of the Podson Radio Podcast. I picked his brain a bit to see who he believed are the Top 5 Arizona Artists at the moment.

Now, before anyone sends any hate mail, Podson did clarify that these are good choices at the moment, and that his list is sort of limited to those he’s been exposed to in the Phoenix area, since he hasn’t yet explored the scene in Tucson.

What do you think about this Top 5? Do you agree? If you don’t agree, share your own Top 5 list below, in the comment section, so others can check out your favorite artists.

Podson’s List (IG Handles):
5. @jrobthechief
4. @brownboimaj
3. @willclaye
2. @injuryreserve
1. @onlyfuturistic

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