Former SDSU Football Player/Arizona Rapper Forced To Resign From Teaching Position Due To His Music. Here’s Why…

Former SDSU football player Alston Umuolo, 28 of Peoria, AZ has a Masters degree in Education from San Diego State University after graduating Centennial High School with a 3.5 GPA, an outstanding accomplishment for any black man at any level in modern day America. Make that any time America. Mr. Umuolo is very passionate about teaching and was offered a job, in post education, in January 2017 at Student Choice High School, a dropout recovery program with various locations throughout Maricopa County. Happy to make the next step in his teaching career, and even more excited about the prospect of “making a genuine impact [with troubled kids], I recently had to confiscate cocaine from a student” he accepted a position teaching 9th-12th grade history, science and weight training, despite his impressive credentials.

Mr. Umuolo also has another career for which he is very passionate about, music (He goes by AU). Not wanting to run into any conflicts he revealed this information prior to beginning the job to ensure there would be no issues. “The directors knew what I did outside of work the entire time” stated Alston. “The directors would use it as a bonding mechanism with students, I never would tell the students about my personal life. They did that. Separating my personal life and work life was always a goal of mine, so I wouldn’t post my work on social media, or bring my outside life to work, it got to a point where the executive directors asked me to make a song for the school. That’s how much it was encouraged.”

Recently Mr. Umuolo was let go, abruptly from his teaching position at the school due to his music. Friday, December 1st 2017 mid shift, mid day he was approached and forced to resign on the spot with no chance to defend himself. “I was approached by a female director who informed me she was given until Friday to let me go, in order to protect the schools assets. Apparently someone saw my new video “Señora” and said they would go to the news if I wasn’t let go” and that’s just what occurred. The video was said to reference “sexual innuendo.” AU responded by saying, “The lyrics are about my wife, when I was courting her, no different than if a kid turns on the tv to watch empire. If it was a country song I don’t believe it would have been a problem.” He was also accused of promoting drug culture. “I have my medical marijuana card which was also discussed prior to me accepting the position, and never promoted. I just felt like, you’re not going to fight for my first amendment rights? However I am thankful they allowed me to resign. The whole experience was just a bad experience.”

WATCH THE VIDEO. What do you think? Was the school justified? Did this teacher deserve to be let go? Or were his rights violated. Let us know down below.

We’ve reached out to the school for comment, with no return.

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