Arizona is known to be a right-to-work State, but is it working?

Imagine a man, certified as an EMT, firefighter passionate about kids and music. Doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, and works with troubled youth.Now meet Cody Silva, 32 of Pima, AZ and now former Fort Thomas School. Mr. Silva originally from Porterville, CA has always strived to “make a positive impact for others utilizing the negative streets in which I was raised.” Cody recently accepted a position as an 8th Grade junior high school girls basketball coach and also has had a lengthy coaching a career spanning over 8 year for various school districts was abruptly removed from his position due to his outside music career. “[I was told by the superintendent] my music is disruptive, explicit and should not be heard by the kids in his school. [Mr. Hawkins] blatantly told me if it were any other genre of music he wouldn’t mind, but not rap. He also feared the backlash of having a rap artist coaching the team would give his school a black eye publically. He continued to justify why my particular music of choice is negative and that I should make a new career path.” The bigger question is, does rap music make you incapable at striving for success in other areas? Thoughts…

Listen to Fresh C. the artist.

Let us know, were his human rights violated?

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  1. I heard the first two interviews on radio. this is crazy man! glad to hear his music in more stations now though, all for the dislike of hip hop? so ridiculous!! I teach and perform music too. my district supported it.


      1. Then pleas do shear? I do not believe there is much more to it other then racial descrimanation! Shall someone fact check the history of Fort Thomas ex School employees? Pleas do shear your Anonymous hearsay. You get no credit in this country by hiding . It’s a freedom to speak Country. Did you not get the memo. Lol at Birth?
        It’s not a good picture if you are afraid if exposing your identity . Sounds like a politicly twisted gulty conscience.
        Horses somebody that lives in Fort Thomas that doesn’t like Liberties and freedoms and prefers a dictatorship who is authoritarian rule President Obama signed an order that says there are no religious entitlements in this country for anyone not even you guys they live in Fort Thomas that go to a privately chosen faith-based organization ? Let me give you a little word of advice I predict those days are over and people are going to start waking up in this community and realizing that your private employees you are not public employees and when they realize that and they will ask you out of your government jobs with your federal funding welfare check. And I don’t want to hear you cry about all I work for a living you chose to do that job that’s what you chose to do whoever works there? So you freely chose to do something and then corrupt it so when you get the boot don’t whine and cry and complain and politically twist it.
        That’s the problem. If you that honestly show Who You Are your opinion is empty in this country or in any courtroom. Lol I think the Native Americans should build a school on the reservation and keep their funding and not give it to you guys you don’t deserve it.


  2. coach fresh was always ku wit the team then baldy despain fire em cause he raps im on the team and he was always good to us its the white boys mad all the ones coachin cussin at us all time and say if we act up we can go play to san carlos team


    1. It sounds like a cinflct of interest not liking and eccepting the students you get payed to teach. I have heard rumors that if you joining privately chosen faith-based organization after they hire you they don’t fire you otherwise they replace you with somebody that’s in a privately chosen faith-based organization. That place is whacked all the way around. They should have the utmost respect for the Native Americans that go there and thank them constantly for the funding that is put there because those students are going there. You guys might want to build a school on the Res. Then you can hire who you want to hire and tell those guys to go shove it I recommend this to all your parents and tribal members.


      1. I think you need to get your facts straight. I don’t belong to any religion & I have worked in this district for almost 10 years & my job has never been in jeopardy due to that. You have no clue what you are talking bout.
        We do have 2 schools on the “res”. We have had them for a while. Before you start putting the school down or how the employees treat the natives, you should find out what is really going on. You obviously live in your little “thatcher” bubble just throwing stones!

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        1. I also have a great respect for my own indigenous roots and have been sujected to a life if lerning Curves and Growing pains. Delivered by thus very type of mentality. How do you justify the knowledge I may or may not have ? About certain Injustice that we the Pepole deal with on a daily bias?
          I was simply sugesing to he wise of such intintinal misstrestment by Athoratetian policy’s.
          I live in this community as well and have a great deal of experience with the political twisted realitys here . So I do have an idea. By the way . And remember what you think or say about me is none of my business!

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  3. I’m see lots of excuses from da fort. I’m wit other guys saiys Set up a ring and fight it out!! they fire me too I’m down to scrap these chumps beat whitey!


    1. I support the fight to defeat the Injustice delt to thus upstandin young Mentor being one of the best examples that the community has to offer.
      And on the other hand it should be a big red flag to others in the community with leadership not being inclusive of other cultures and beliefs.
      This is a very dangerous situation that mirrors to the Youth of the community that they are not wanted or included in a society that supports this type of unacceptable leadership?
      Kind if a catch 22.
      It leaves very littal opptions to contenplate? Leving as few as two moves. The “if you can’t beat them join them”a good old boy Network message.
      And pushing the indapendent youth in a more sinester criminal role by undermining the basic principles this STOLEN CONTRY. Was founded on leaving yet another scandolus inteninaly abuse of Athoratetian order. This trubels me.
      I hope it troubles the parents of the community that have the power to pitch such a bitch so to speak to get this person that did this to this individual relieved of duties?

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  4. Hay Fort Thomas. Unifid school superintendent! If it where up to me the general public? You we should be down the road. With no severance package!!!!! Easy as I that . You need to be the resipracature of your own policy’s!!! Or it only shows the world the true I tent if your though behavioral patterns. Unchecked by design!


      1. Maybe post it if it is not only hearsay everybody else posted there’s did you haven’t posted yours what is a civil legal if we Twisted way to get out of exposing ignorance ? Or maybe you’re absolutely correct we don’t have all the facts what happens to people in this community and I know how agendas and planned obsolescence works as well.
        So to say I don’t know what’s going on after reading this gentleman story knowing exactly what school he’s going to do you know it doesn’t mean very many Uncle Tom’s out there hanging out.
        Which is a reference to a turncoat of One’s Own color joining the winning team instead of continuing to fight against them!!
        He can take that however you want it is what it is.
        I just have not seen any valid proof for your claims up you don’t know the whole story you don’t know what’s really going on like I said before there’s a reoccurring theme politically Twisted bullshit and the other reoccurring theme is statute of limitations people do have rights even though you obviously don’t want to be educated yourself even though this is an educational institute that were speaking about. It seems to me that it should be held to the highest standard of reality the common reality the present moment no other agendas personal or otherwise should even in be involved?!
        Can you tell me when all these people that are concerned about this into a visuals well-being that whatever he did occurred before 7 years ago 5 years ago 2 years ago 6 months ago depending on the specific crime and situation these things should never even be brought up!
        Would you not agree?

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