Another One: Fort Thomas High School Coach Removed for pursuing MUSIC (Right or Wrong)

Arizona is known to be a right-to-work State, but is it working?

Imagine a man, certified as an EMT, firefighter passionate about kids and music. Doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, and works with troubled youth.Now meet Cody Silva, 32 of Pima, AZ and now former Fort Thomas School. Mr. Silva originally from Porterville, CA has always strived to “make a positive impact for others utilizing the negative streets in which I was raised.” Cody recently accepted a position as an 8th Grade junior high school girls basketball coach and also has had a lengthy coaching a career spanning over 8 year for various school districts was abruptly removed from his position due to his outside music career. “[I was told by the superintendent] my music is disruptive, explicit and should not be heard by the kids in his school. [Mr. Hawkins] blatantly told me if it were any other genre of music he wouldn’t mind, but not rap. He also feared the backlash of having a rap artist coaching the team would give his school a black eye publically. He continued to justify why my particular music of choice is negative and that I should make a new career path.” The bigger question is, does rap music make you incapable at striving for success in other areas? Thoughts…

Listen to Fresh C. the artist.

Let us know, were his human rights violated?

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