The Introduction: Spirit of the Forest

One of the goals of BCV is to promote the community and everyone who contributes to its growth. Phoenix is one of the top 5 largest cities in United States, which means there’s a lot of moving parts. Many of us go about our day without taking a second to appreciate who and what is around us, which usually results in us taking things for granted. Today, we are introducing a series titled “The Introduction.” Our hope is that this will promote a culture of appreciation for the people, things, and community around us.

Spirit of the Forest

Life is a wonderful journey. During this journey, we spend a lot of time trying to balance between creating the life we want and dealing with the life we have. Accomplishing this balance is not easy. Most believe we must find the balance in our lives on our own, but this isn’t true. Taking advantage of all of our resources is the best way to establish balance.

Spirit of the Forest is a lifestyle website created by Berlin Guerrero & Gianna Woods for the purpose of assisting women who are seeking balance in their lives. The website is a place where women can go to find information and tools that promote self-love and healthy living. Spirit of the Forest is geared towards all women, whether you are a business owner, spiritualist, or a full-time mother. This site provides beautiful and organic products to assist you in your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

Berlin Guerrero, co-founder of Spirit of the Forest, has roots in Los Angeles, California. She was raised watching and listening to the women in her family connecting with spirits. “My aunts always lit candles for our ancestors” she said on her last Instagram live seminar. “I have always been attracted to the mysteries of the spiritual realm. I think creating an alter for a specific ancestor or deity is a very effective way to utilize their energies that still roam our material world today.” Now known as a moon witch, Berlin uses her ability to make sense of the world’s mysteries by diving more into the different tools that are used to summon up spiritual deities. One of the staple products are her spiritual candles, homemade and prepared during both new and full moons. These candles are vegan friendly, made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils, and includes reiki infused crystals tailored and added specifically for her customer’s needs. In addition to making her own candles, she also does Tarot readings, while maintaining balance as a wife and a mother of two.

Gianna Woods is also a co-found of Spirit of the Forest and has roots in Los Angele, California. Gianna is a professional basketball player currently residing in Sheffield, England. Known as a nature witch, Gianna credits her spiritual lifestyle to the life lessons she had to unlearn while growing up. “When you are coming up in the world, people try and tell you that because you are from here, you have to be like that. Especially in more of the hood neighborhoods, its very difficult to find a separate identity when everything around you is a reflection of the elitist’s well thought out plan. I’ve had to unlearn so many beliefs about life, religion, as well as myself as a woman, but the road has taught me to detach myself from [the] experiences. I want everyone to know that life is about the journey. You can decide who you are, and change your mind and decide again. Its all okay.” In addition to her accomplishments as an athlete, Gianna is a Reiki-1 Certified practitioner with plans to expand Spirit of the Forest to an infinite community where women can unlearn things in a way that aids them in their specific spiritual journeys.

To learn more about the ladies of Spirit of the Forest, check out their website. The site contains helpful information on spiritual ascension, and you can also check out the beauty products that will allow you to ignite the elements of nature within your beauty rituals. Products are made by the ladies of Spirit of the Forest and are made only during the full and new moons. This ensures that your intentions are manifested while you navigate through your personal journey. “We believe the best magic happens organically, and we support the women dedicated to exploring their magic in the purest form.”

To manifest your own witch work, you can purchase her candles through her personal Instagram page. Gianna can be found on Instagram and Twitter.