Deer Valley Unified School District Student Lunch Debt Campaign

Imagine sending your kids to school only to have them return with a breakfast and lunch bill. Now imagine that if you don’t pay the bill, it would be sent to a collection agency. This is not an imagination for everyone. Some parents are facing this reality.

During the “Welcome to 2018” episode of The PHX Podcast, it was revealed that this situation was taking place in Phoenix’s Deer Valley Unified School District. The District’s School Breakfast and Lunch Program Information page outlines its meal requirements and payment policies. It also informs parents that “If it is determined the district is unsuccessful in collecting payment, the debt may be sent to a collection agency.” One parent decided to do something to prevent parents from feeling overwhelmed.

Rigo Gonzalez has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay off all student lunch debt for the Deer Valley Unified School District. The goal is to give all donations to the school district, helping the families who need it most first. Contribute to the cause! You can contribute to the GoFundMe campaign by donating and spreading the word. Donations of all amounts are accepted.