3MMR: Episode 11 – “Ooh Papi” by Rekluse ft. Arizona Bobby

What’s good Bird City Viewers! This is your boy, Bo, bringing you Episode 11 of the Three Minute Music Review (3MMR)! This week, we review ReKluse, an up-and-coming rapper from Avondale, AZ, and his guitar fueled hit, Ooh Papi.

From the top, the energetic, braggadocios comes spewing out of ReKluse as he raps the hook: “She be like Ooh Papi/ Don’t Believe me just watch me/ Everything I got cost me/ My bitch ball like Taurasi/ She give me that cookie, Taraji/ Straight to the plug and we outie/. The hook alone is filled with slick similes (admittedly, I missed the Taraji reference in my review) that will make the listener replay the song from the outset to catch everything. Lyrical content comes at a premium in this song where in the first verse ReKluse delivers blistering speed with humor, “The money good if it was a pie it’d be Patti Labelle’s.”

With an “Arizona Bobby” feature to anchor the song, the duo blends together with a familiarity that shows that they have worked together many times in the past. While Bobby’s verse was a little more straight forward than ReKluse’s, Bobby’s baritone delivery gives the track a harder foundation that helps keep the listenability consistent. The song’s originality could have been boosted by moving away from typical rapper content, which is an area that the duo struggled on this song, “Know we got that thirty tucked/Know we don’t give a fuck/ We just trying to get them bucks/Keep on talking you’ll get stuck”. While the lack of content doesn’t take away from the listening experience, these two MC’s both have ample potential to give their music greater depth by exploring more than just their narcotic and sexual conquests.

ReKluse and Arizona Bobby scored a win on their beat selection with “Ooh Papi.” The guitar strings in the background give the song an ominous quality that both rappers take full advantage of. The adlibs interwoven throughout the track are placed professionally, and added flair to the track while falling short of overkill. A few of the more complicated bars spit by ReKluse are a bit hard to hear due to the speed and tone of his delivery, required some playback to catch them entirely. Arizona Bobby’s verse came in just slightly louder in the mix, but his delivery was smooth and added stability to the track.  ReKluse is a stand out lyricist and has another hit in “You Aint Lucy” which delivers some eyebrow raising bars. Hit ReKluse’s SoundCloud to hear “You Aint Lucy” and “Jugo”, another banger featuring Arizona Bobby.

“Ooh Papi” scores a 7 out of 10 onthe eleventh episode of the 3 Minute Music Review. Listen to the track (below) yourself and leave your thoughts in the comment section. We’ll be back at you next week with more bangin’ Arizona Music!

Written by Bo | Follow Bo on IG and Twitter!