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Independent Artists Should Explore These Platforms To Spread Their Music/Art

There are many independent artists in Arizona looking to share their art and gain new fans. An overwhelming majority have taken the “social media only” path using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote new track […]

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3MMR: Episode 53 – “STFU” by Jordan G.

What’s going down, Phoenix!? 2019 is off to a quick start and we’re already into February. Kicking off this first week in February, we’re bring you an eclectic boom bap sound brought to you by way of Maryland & California now residing in Bird City. This week’s selection sounds unique from the jump with the classic “boom bap” drum and kick along with a weird reverse chord that sounds very distinctive (I couldn’t figure out what it was). Our feature artist, Jordan G, brings wittiness, creativity, and downright honesty in his latest joint, “STFU”. The hook alone, is raw “just keep it real or otherwise please shut the fuck up”. There are probably a few dozen people any listener would love to direct this hook to.

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3MMR: Episode 51 – “By Myself” by Loyalty Bynum

Bird City, what’s happening?! January is halfway over, but the year has started off with some heaters out of the Arizona Music scene. This week is no different than the week before, with another one deck. This week we’ve got an infectious anthem that embodies overcoming the struggle by yourself. Loyalty Bynum is our feature artist, delivering an inspirational banger with street quality to it with “By Myself”. The sound which is energetic, up-tempo and, auto-tuned with heavy adlibs is simple and radio ready.